Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Water water and more water

Very hot here and we have limited shade. The team is taking on water like crazy. We got tired up picking it up everyday so has a company deliver 60 cases to our hotel just to last only for 4-5 days.  The same company delivers beer so that was a bonus. Things are going well and we have started the upright colums. We has a few people down today as the heat really knocks you out.  They do everything by hand including mixing cement. We move the sand, concrete and everything else in buckets. A wise purchase today was three wheel barrows and an extra 6 shovels. The local team with zero English is having fun with us and have an awesome sense of humor. Lots of local kids in the village have been coming by to watch us work and are very exited at the prospect of attending this free English school. 


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  2. I remember when we were working in Dominican our Dr participating with us said that if we were not filling our water bottles at least three times a day, we were not drinking enough. It is so important to stay hydrated and not get sick.
    Your progress looks amazing, you can't measure it by our standards given the conditions and inadequate tools. Great Work!!