Saturday, 17 January 2015

Half way point milestone

Been a long haul but we are very happy to see all that has been done. So fun today to play ball with the local kids who are now camped out to watch our progress. The village is miles down a very quiet road. Down the road a few of us went for a walk and got invited into a local home that was hosting a wedding. Not a person spoke English but they did their best to make us welcome. 
Work on the site had a parging party with Gerry Pilon leading the parade. Steve Thompson was leading the fence post team who set over 130 concrete posts and finished them up today. 
After dinner in our local restaurant we went to a Combodian version of karaoke. Mmmm very different. Got a great shot of our Kempenfelt Rotary president Scott Brumwell and all the past presidents on the site.  So awesome to see so many on an international project. 

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