Saturday, 24 January 2015

Team work pays off

So happy today on all we have done so far. The team was joined by 5 new members today to help drive the project home.  We we able to put the fist coats of paint on the exterior and a second coat on the fence posts. We ere also able to paint the children's washroom with some matching paint. The interior of the schoolroom was givin a fial parging coat and the floor was poured all by hand mixing. I had the pleasure of joining Steve from Alternate Power International Ltd to instal a new solar system at  a local home so that they can have some lighting in the home and power up some other devices. They were kind enough to donate 10 house systems and a system for the school. It was so amazing to see the people recieve these and how it will change their lives. II think the team has worked so hard that we will have an early day tomorrow and enjoy some further bonding time at a new restaurant. 

1 comment:

  1. the hand mixing cement job looks pretty brutal. everyone must have great muscles by now!