Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The big push

Last day of a full work schedule. Today the final touches on a mural at the front of the school, the lighting powered by solar panels was installed,the yard got cleaned up by several people and the 2011 bikes were partially assembled. Tomorrow we will button down the final details. 700 people will attend the opening ceremonies and bike distribution. We had a little party to thank our local building contractor for all their help. I cannot lie that I am a little nervous about the last day. It will be a very emotional day and something the team should be so proud of. It was a very diverse group and we pulled together to step out of our own comfort zones to make it all happen. The support that Maryanne and I have recieved here and at home is so amazing I don't have words for it. The people that stepped up to help in everyway is over the top. I won't bore you with any more of that but tomorrow we need to finish the classroom and install a couple of flag polls. We also need to install a lightning rod that will protect the buildings occupants from a lightning strike during the rainy season. Tomorrows post I am sure will be full of tears of joy and thanks to everyone who helped us along the way. 

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